Jamie Drouin



This is a recent group of pictures by canadian photographer and friend Jamie Drouin, made in Berlin. What can we say about pictures without a Subject as it is commonly understood? When I say these pictures were made in Germany;does it matter? To give names to things is only a small aspect of these beautifull images. If,  in the ‘decisive moment’  we see the photographer still and waiting as the world unfolds; in these photographs I see the opposite. The photographer is moving through spaces looking ,hunting .I’m aware of the photographers gaze ,of my own perceptual experience as I  look through the out of  focus foreground to a detailed middle ground. Conversely the non focused areas can become my point of interest. These pictures feel like a glance, a precognitive state of awareness. With the camera mostly pointed downward to the ground we have no sky ,no open space and consequently I experience them as a representation of restriction;a kind of binding and a closed in feeling.

However, there are much spikey and tendril like forms here that animates these pictures with  life .


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